Cuba 2019

This is our group's reporting video for our church family and all those who supported us this year!  Hope you enjoy!




Hey! It’s Erin here. While in Cuba for our missions trip this summer I became close with several women. When speaking with them they told me of a huge concern they have. Every month they are given feminine products by the government. Sounds great, right? WRONG! They are only given 3..yes 3! Not 3 boxes, but 3 tampons or pads. Can you imagine as a woman only getting 3 tampons or pads to use for a week, sometimes even longer. I can’t! They do have some for purchase at the local store, but the prices are still the same as it is here, often 4-7 dollars a box. Sounds cheap, but when you factor in they only make 30-50 dollars a month, they are out of reach for most of the population. So, as a woman on this missions team, I have made it my missions to collect these items and take them with me down there! We are collecting all feminine products, various sizes, styles, items. They need EVERYTHING! Thank you so much for considering helping the woman of Cuba!

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