One way we raise funds for those we serve is through JuicePlus+.  It is a nutritional supplement that provides the daily requirement of fruits and vegetables in a easy to take tablet or chewable form.  Not only is it helping our family and friends become healthier, it also allows us to provide these same vital nutrients to various orphanages in Cuba.  Check out how you can help help your family grow healthier and impact those in need!


After years of passing sickness after sickness around our home we are so thankful to JuicePlus+ for giving our family the gift of overall health and physical wellness. Game changer!



I know I don't eat enough vegetables on a daily basis, so this is a simple way that I can make sure that I am getting the all the nutrients I need.


Our family of six added JuicePlus to our routine 6 years ago and it has helped changed the trajectory of our health by strengthening our immunities at the cellular level, helping clear my son's eczema, asthma as well as seasonal allergies along with building healthy cells to support all of our body systems.

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